Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Term 2 Painting Class Chris Hobel Art Noosa

Term 2 has begun and I havent posted last terms fun so Im going to get started right now and fill you in on what youve been missing
Our last class  for term was really fun.  I explained how I made my quick wrapping paper, 

using a plastic note book cover and a few tubes of old paint. Geoff shared his amazing Present, this huge artbook  as well as completing his morning sea sunrise using textures paint beads,see below at the end of the post
Di finished her amazing painting of the olgas,

  Rob completed a special family memory project

experimented with mixed media, texture gel,
 Dorothy brought a UFO to work on
 and  Di suprised us with her yummy morning tea Pizza bun from Peregian bakery, as well as Lorey  bringing her her home made Choc chip cookies and worked on her night  bush fire scene
Geoff  finished his seascape

If you would like to join our wonderful fun painting group, the fun began  on April 16 its back to loosening up with lots of new mediums. These are in progress. Ill be posting them over the next week or so. The next project to try will be large abstracted palette knife roses

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