Wednesday, March 5, 2014

travellers tales

This past year has been quite a travel adventure to many amazing and varied parts of the world. I cant believe just last week I was snorkeling in the Andaman Sea Thailand, canoeing rivers with wild gibbons and less than six months ago we were in the tundra seeing wild bears and caribou in Alaska.Earlier, just 9 months ago I was cruising the rivers of central Europe.... I have many ticks on the bucket to do list filled, what a hectic year.My philosophy now is do it while you can. After having both my knees causing pain and mobilility problems over the last few years, Ive had several operations which have been a good improvement but I realise time is starting to run out.Hence my painting has been on the back back burner but I have continued to teach between travels and my class has also taken advantage of painting time off to travel as well.
My Classes have started again and its wonderful see all my motivated friends and  painters